A mine explosion caused a dead in the city of Mehran

 On Friday, February 12th, a 45-year-old citizen named "Nader Bararian" from the village of "Kol Kole Olya" in the Asemanabad-Chardavol district lost his life due to a landmine left over from the Iran-Iraq war in the city of Mehran.

 This citizen has suffered from this incident in "Mimak (Halaleh Shomali checkpoint)" area of ​​Mehran. 

 In this regard, on Sunday, January 31st, a citizen named "Saman Rezaie" near the village of "Maleh Dizgeh" of Sarpol-e Zahab district, was seriously injured and lost one of his legs due to a mine explosion.

 This citizen was injured due to mine explosions which remained from Iran-Iraq war while grazing livestock.