A landmine exploded in the Khalifan district in Mahabad

 This morning, Thursday, October 21st, a landmine exploded in an abandoned base in the village of Jandaran in Mahabad, injuring the leg of a citizen named Zanyar Abdullahi.

 The governor of Khalifan district announced that this citizen was injured in the right leg by a landmine while grazing livestock.

 This citizen was transferred to Mahabad hospital for medical treatment and is currently under intensive medical care.

 In this regard, on Tuesday, October 19th, a citizen named "Aram Ahmadi", the son of Vali, from the village of "Zamkan" in  Salas-e-Babajani, was injured in the leg following a mine explosion in the city of Bistoon.

 This citizen was taken to Kermanshah hospital for medical treatment after this incident.