A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded by government troops' firing in Sardasht

10:45 - 8 October 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish Kolbar from Sardasht was seriously injured and taken to hospital as a result of direct firing by government troops at the border of Sardasht. 

 According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Friday, October 4th, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Peyman Yousefi" from "Darmanabad" village of Sardasht was wounded due to direct firing by government troops.

 This Kurdish Kolbar was shot in a place called "Pelkan" by Iranian government troops and was transferred to the Sardasht Hospital by residents of the village of Bitush.

 The general condition of this Kurdish Kolbar has been reported very terrible as a result of the severity of the injuries by bullet.