A Kolbar was coup de grâce by government forces after injuring

 On Sunday, September 13, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Salah Aldin Issazadeh", the son of Hamza from the village of "Sheikh Osman" in Oshnovieh, was wounded by government troops and then coup de grâce.

 According to an informed source, this Kolbar was ambushed by government forces in the "Zermazu" valley in the highlands of Oshnovieh, and the military arrested him after injuring him.

 The informed source added: after beating and torturing this Kolbar, the government soldiers coup de grâce him and transferred his body to Naqadeh morgue.

 The informed source stated: The body of this Kolbar was delivered to his family on Sunday, the 13th of September, and he was buried in his birthplace.

 Salah Aldin Issazadeh is married and has two children.