Ilam; was summoned and taking a compulsory commitment from Mohammad Abbaszadeh, a Kurdish artist, due to his protest against the support of some singers for the elections

00:08 - 3 March 2024

On February 26, 2024, Mohammad Abbaszadeh, a well-known artist from Ilam, was summoned by the Ilam Places Administration and released after being threatened and taking a compulsory commitment due to his protest against the singing of some of the government singers in support of the elections.

Mr. Abbaszadeh posted a story on his Instagram page to express his disapproval of these singers' endorsement of the government elections.

For the offense of "insulting the Imams of the Pure and spreading lies," this artist was found guilty in May 2023 by Branch 101 of the Criminal Court of Ilam. The punishment included a fine of 24 million Tomans, six months and one day in prison, and additional penalties.

Additionally, this artist was ordered to pen a fifty-page article about "the consequences of insulting the sanctities in the hereafter" in his own handwriting.

The Revolutionary Court of Ilam had earlier sentenced Mr. Abbaszadeh to 74 lashes, five million Tomans in fine, and one year of suspended imprisonment for the offenses of "presence in gatherings and riots, singing a song for Jina-Mahsa Amini, disturbing public opinion and communicating with the opposition."

Mohammad Abbaszadeh was arrested by security forces at his home on October 19, 2022, and transferred to Ilam Central Prison after a few days of solitary confinement.

This artist posted a bail of 700 million Tomans on November 3, 2022, and was temporarily released from Ilam prison until the conclusion of the trial.