Saqqez prison; the critical condition of Osman Esmaeili and the prevention of his transfer to a hospital outside the prison

23:01 - 2 February 2024

Despite the critical physical condition of Osman Esmaeili, a labor activist, and the serious need for surgery as soon as possible; Saqqez prison officials prevent his transfer to a hospital outside the prison.

According to an informed source to Kurdpa on this issue; Mr. Esmaeili's condition is so critical that doctors have said that if he does not undergo surgery, his life is seriously threatened. On the other hand, this labor activist has been deprived of visits for the past week.

On December 24, 2023, this labor activist was transferred to a hospital outside the prison due to the disease of "inguinal hernia" and the legal medicine Saqqez confirmed that he should undergo surgery as soon as possible, but the prison officials have not taken any action to follow up his situation.

According to an informed source to Kurdpa; the judge of the case of this labor activist has also not agreed to his medical leave so far.

On Tuesday, February 1, 2024, the second branch of the criminal enforcement of Saqqez announced to the family of Osman Esmaeili that he had been transferred to Evin prison in Tehran for medical treatment, but Evin prison officials refused to accept him and he was returned to Saqqez prison.

This labor activist, in addition to suffering from the disease of "inguinal hernia", suffers from severe asthma, heart disease, and rheumatism.