Absolute lack of information about the fate of Matin Hasani, one of the eye-injured protesters of 2019

13:29 - 4 February 2024

After 11 days of the arrest of Matin Hasani, one of the eye-injured protesters of 2019, there is no information about his place of detention and his fate.

Soran Mansournia, the brother of Burhan Mansournia, one of the martyrs of the 2019 protests, wrote on his X page; that during the past 11 days, Matin Hasani's family has referred to all the security agencies of Bokan and Urmia, but they have not received a clear answer and it is not clear where Matin is.

On January 24, 2024, Matin Hasani, one of the eye-injured protesters of November 2019 in the city of Bokan, was arrested and transferred to an unknown location by the security forces.

According to an informed source; the security forces, who were eight in number, raided the home of this Kurdish citizen without presenting a judicial warrant and arrested him.

This informed source added; that the security forces arrested Mr. Hasani by resorting to violence.

This eye-injured person has supported the people, the families of the martyrs, and the wounded of the protests since the beginning of the revolutionary uprising of Jin, Jiyan, Azadi and has been repeatedly threatened and summoned.

Matin Hasani lost one of his eyes at the age of 19 in the November 2019 protests by the shooting of the repressive forces in Bokan.