Two businessmen died in direct shootings by government troops

Kurdpa Agency: Two businessesmen from the city of Oshnavieh lost their lives due to the direct firing of government troops.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, May 1st, two Kurdish businessmen named: \"Nemat Saadat and Rauf Khalidnejad\", from Amirabad zone, Oshnavieh, were targeted by direct military troops in their private car, and after the reversal of the car, they lost their lives.

Government officials have been shooting at these two Kurds for
the suspicion of carrying out the smuggling goods.

These two Oshnaviehain businessmen have been trapped at a place called Chel Ashan near the Qalatok park.

The bodies of these two businessmen have been transferred to the mortuary of Naqadeh Hospital and have not been delivered to their families so far.

Nemat Saadat and Rauf Khalidnejad have been sentenced to jail earlier on suspicion of having smuggled goods.