The probability of execution for a Marivani citizen

Kurdpa Agency: There is a possibility of execution of a Kurdish citizen from the city of Marivan.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, the probability of executing a death sentence for a Kurdish citizen, named Ahmad Irani, son of Said from Marivan, is impending in Sanandaj Prison.

This Kurdish citizen committed two murders in an group affray with the families of \"Shahsavari and Khoon Jaam\" in Mariwan in 1388.

From April 14th, this prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement for execution.

\"\"After knowing the possibility of his execution, Ahmad Irani has committed suicide and sewed his eyes.

This Marivan\'s citizen has been sentenced to Qisas in 1390 on charges of \"murder\" during a group affray.

A group of Marivan\'s citizens have met with the families of the decedent persons for the consent of the parents and stopping the execution of the prisoner\'s sentence.