Tehran; Saman Rahmani died with multiple baton jabs

11:53 - 15 November 2022

On the evening of Friday, November 11th, a Kurdish citizen named "Saman Rahmani", the son of Sadiq from Takab, died due to multiple baton jabs by repressive forces in Hassan Khan Fort (Quds City) of Tehran.

 According to an informed source, the repressive forces attacked some citizens while they were writing slogans and arrested Saman Rahmani and beat him with a baton on his head during his arrest.

 This informed source added: On Saturday, the 12th of November, the security forces called the Rahmani family to refer to the forensic doctor of Hassan Khan Fort for identification.

 This informed source stated: The security forces threatened the Rahmani family to refrain from publishing the news of their son's death in the media.

 This informed source said: Saman Rahmani's body was moved to Takab under security measures and the security forces did not allow his family to wash Saman's body.

  This informed source said: Saman Rahmani's body was buried on Sunday, November 13th, in the presence of his family and under strict security measures, in "Sharif Abad" Takab cemetery.

 This informed source admitted: the security forces blocked the road leading to Sharif Abad cemetery to prevent people from attending the burial ceremony of Saman Rahmani's body.

 This informed source emphasized: The channels of Takab's funerals removed Saman Rahmani's obituary due to the pressure of the information department.

 28-year-old Saman Rahmani lived in Tehran with his family two years ago, and his only father was in Takab.