Shambles in Rajaee Shahr Karaj Prison/ Death of 176 Prisoners in the Past Year

Kurdistan Press Agency: In the past year, 176 prisoners have died due to different reason in Rajayi Prison in Karaj.

According to the achieved report by Kurdistan Press Agency, in 2013, illness, suicide, HIV, and Hepatitis, fighting, and suspicious death are the reasons of the death of 176 prisoners in Rajayee prison in Karaj.

The sources and the prisoners of the jail are talking about a serious truth of prison which has been sent to Kurdistan Press Agency as evidence.

Bad health treatment to the prisoners:

An aware source from Rajayi Prison informed Kurdistan press Agency; that lack of special rules in prison and especially in Rajayi’s and proper control of Prisoner’s circumstances have caused the prisoners to get diagnosed with HIV and Hepatitis which are the reasons of the death of few numbers of the prisoners.

Connected to this problem, many prisoners have been diagnosed to fatal illnesses and have died undesirably in a way that they had no health problem prior to this.

Suspicious death and ignoring their cases:

Suspicious death of prisoners counts the worst part of this statistics in which the reason of their death has not been diagnosed.

In most of the cases, the officials of the prisons have not investigated the reasons of the death, rather than they have threatened the families of the prisoners not to pursue investigating.

Most of the cases in Judicial Court are covered without clarification, and the cases get closed.

Conflict and struggle between the prisoner and the security of the prisons:

Lack of security and the conflicts among the prisoners are another reason of death in Rajayi Prison.

One of the prisoners of Rajayi Prison penciled part of the conflicts of the prisons planned by the officials, and said: Ignoring the conflicts among the prisoners and introducing wrong doers and right doers by the officials give the evidence that most of the conflicts are planned by them.

In several conflicts, the prisoners are getting killed and close to death by the security members.


Lack of care convenient to treatment, and hopelessness of the prisoners make them think about suicide and commit it.

A source within Rajayi Prison spoke to Kurdistan Press Agency; Security members of Prison have been informed and warned the prisoners’ suicide many times, but they have done nothing to prevent it.

Also, in most of the cases, the officials of Rajayi Prison have been aware of the psychological situation of their prisoners, in which those who have wanted to commit suicide have had all the equipments they have wanted.

Psychological illness among the prisoners of Rajayi prison:

Generally, psychological illnesses among the prisoners in Rajayi shahir Prison and lack of a clear and proper discipline for this illness has made the prisoner face death in a short spectrum.

Lack of Standard Medical System, Lack of treatment centers, aggregation of prisoners with all types of crime, and lack of Judicial Security System are the reasons of increasing the statistics of prisoners’ suicide.

4000 imprisoned people of Rajayi Prison and lack of control:

The total of those reasons mentioned above, have caused the Political and Religious Prisoners to face hardships.

Imprisoning Political and Religious Prisoners with the prisoners of executing general crimes such as murder and robbery, and also with wicked prisoners has made the political prisoners face health and physical risks

This Report has been specifically sent to Kurdistan Press Agency, and for the first time, it is being published by Kurdistan Press Agency. The truth of all the cases is confirmed by KURDPA.