Sardasht; A citizen died as a result of government soldiers shooting

23:08 - 11 November 2022

Today, Friday, November 11th, a Kurdish citizen named "Hemen Hamzeh" son of Ahmed from the village of "Boyuran" in Sardasht, died after being shot by the military forces of the Iranian government.

 According to an informed source, the government troops raided the village of "Boyuran" to arrest and confiscate the goods of the traders, and after a conflict with the residents of this village, they shot Hemen Hamzeh directly.

 This informed source added: Hemen Hamzeh died due to a bullet hit by government soldiers in the chest area.

This informed source stated: Also, Hemen Hamzeh's sister were injured by government soldiers' shots, and He condition is reported to be critical.

 This informed source announced: Hemen Hamzeh's sister has been transferred to a hospital in Urmia due to the severity of her injuries.

 The funeral and burial ceremony of Hemen Hamzeh's body was held with the slogan "Shahid Namran" and a large number of people attended in the village of "Boyuran".

 This citizen is married and has two children.