Sanandaj; Two protesters were killed by repressive forces

15:27 - 18 November 2022

On Thursday, the 17th of November, two protesters named "Aram Habibi" and "Shaho Bahmani" died during the protests in Sanandaj due to the shooting of the repressive forces.

 After the protestors returned from the 40th days anniversary of Payman Manbari ceremony, Dariush Alizadeh, Yahya Rahimi, and Mohammad Amini, who were killed in the protests in "Mohammadi Paradise" in Sanandaj, came to the streets and chanted protest slogans.

 After the protesters gathered in the streets, the repressive forces started shooting at the protesters with war ammunition and tear gas.

 In the protest gatherings on Thursday, the 17th of November, more than 10 protesters were injured by the firing of repressive forces.

 The bodies of two dead protesters, Aram Habibi and Shaho Bahmani, were taken to Kawosar Hospital in Sanandaj.

 Shaho Bahmani is the son of Sediq from the village of "Tazehabad Asif" in Divandarreh 

 Photo from right to left: Aram Habibi and Shaho Bahmani