Sanandaj; Ramin Fatehi, one of the detainees of nationwide protests, died in the detention center

11:26 - 23 October 2022

Ramin Fatehi, the son of Baqir from Sanandaj, one of the detainees of the protests, died in the detention center of the Ministry of Intelligence due to torture.

 Chiako Fatehi, Ramin's brother, in an interview with Kurdpa, while confirming the news of his brother's death in the detention center, said: On Friday, October 21th, they informed my family that Ramin died in the detention center due to suicide.

 While rejecting the claim made by the security forces about his brother's suicide, Mr. Fatehi said that they were informed through reliable sources that Ramin died due to severe torture by the security forces and that the security forces buried his brother's body in Behesht Mohammadi Sanandaj without the family's knowledge.

 He added: The security forces seized the mobile phones of his family members and threatened them not to give interviews to the media in this regard.

 Chiako Fatehi stated: The security forces also threatened his family that they would not allow the funeral ceremony for his brother.
 On the 13th of October, Ramin Fatehi was arrested by the security forces and taken to an unknown place.

 Rada Fatehi and Worya Fatehi, Ramin Fatehi's brother and sister, were also arrested by the security forces, and until now, no exact information has been obtained about their whereabouts and fate.