Piranshahr; Two protestors died due to the firing of repressive forces

16:12 - 21 November 2022

Two protesters named "Taher Azizi", 30 years old, son of Suleiman, and "Karvan Qadir Shokri", 16 years old, son of Idris, from Piranshahr, were killed by the repressive forces.

  Tahir Azizi died in the evening of Sunday, November 20th,  during the protests due to the firing of repressive forces and his body's funeral ceremony was held with the large presence of people and chanting of protest slogans.

 Also, Karvan Qadir Shokri, who was seriously injured by repressive forces during the protests on Saturday evening, November 19th, he died on Sunday November 20th.

 The repressive forces had fired directly at the participants in the funeral ceremony of Karvan Qadir Shokri.