Oshnovieh / Two Kurdish Kolbars were killed by government troops

12:01 - 25 November 2020

 On Wednesday, the 18th of November, two Kurdish Kolbars named "Wasim Fardinzadeh", the son of Hussein from the village of "Pirut Abad (Pardaveh)" in Oshnovieh, and "Hakan Mohammadzadeh", the son of Alaedin from the village of "Krikan" in the Kuhsar section of Salmas, lost their life due to direct firings of government troops at the Oshnovieh border.

 Iranian government forces fired directly at the two Kolbars without any prior notice.

 These two Kolbars were shot  by government forces on the suspicion of carrying "smuggled goods."

 Wasim Fardinzadeh is married and has one child and Hakan Mohammadzadeh is married and has two children.

 Photo: Wasim Fardinzadeh and Hakan Mohammadzadeh