Kurdish writer and translator Ebrahim Yunesi dies

Kurdpa - Kurdish writer and translator Ebrahim Yunesi who was in bed in the last three months died on Wednesday afternoon at 85.

He would be buried in his hometown, northwestern city of Baneh in Kurdistan(Iran), as he had asked in his will.

Yunesi wrote and translated many different books in diverse fields including literature, linguistics, novel, short story, history and politics.

“Springless winter” is his own autobiography that describes his life from childhood to his release from prison.

Dada Shirin, Praying for Arman, Kurdish National Movement, Turkey- Iran relation and Kurdish problems are some of his known works.

He also was the first post- Islamic Revolution Kurdish Kurdistan governor who spent years his life in former regime’s prison.

Don Quixote, Great Expectations, Spartacus and Three Friends were some of his many translations that made him one of the most known translators in Iran.