Kermanshah; A citizen died due to the shooting of the security forces while he was writing slogans

13:39 - 14 November 2022

On the evening of Thursday, the 10th of November, a Kurdish citizen named "Ardlan Ghasemi", son of Mustafa from Gilan-Gharb, was killed by security forces in Kermanshah.

 According to an informed source, the military-security forces directly shot Ardalan Ghasemi along with his friend while they were writing slogans on Taqbostan Boulevard in Kermanshah.

 This informed source added: The military security forces targeted Ardalan Ghasemi and his friend from behind with a war bullet and they were taken to Taleghani Hospital in Kermanshah after being wounded, but Mr. Ghasemi died as a result of the severity of his injuries and heavy bleeding. 

 This informed source stated: Ardalan Ghasemi's companion was severely wounded in the back by the security forces and is hospitalized in the special care unit of the hospital.

 This informed source stated: The security agencies handed over the body of Ardalan Ghasemi to his family in return for a payment of 16 million tomans and threatened them to refrain from publishing their son's news in the media.

 The body of Ardalan Ghasemi was buried on Saturday, November 12th, under strict security measures, in "Takil" cemetery of Gilan-Gharb city.