Kamyaran; Burhan Karami was killed by repressive forces during the protests

22:53 - 16 November 2022

Today, Wednesday, the 16th of November, a protester named "Burhan Karami", the son of Mahmoud, a resident of Kamyaran, died during the protests due to the firing of repressive forces.
According to an informed source, after the mass attendance of people at Fowad Mohammadi's funeral ceremony and the beginning of the protests, Mr. Karami died during the protests after being shot by the repressive forces.

 Burhan Karami is from the village of "Cherosane", married and has one child.

On the evening of Tuesday, the 15th of November, a 38-year-old protester named "Fowad Mohammadi" from the village of "Maviyan" was killed by repressive forces during the Kamyaran protests.