Deployment of heavy weapons at the border of Piranshahr

Kurdpa Agency: The IRGC deployed heavy weapons at the border of Piranshahr.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps moved heavy weapons to the border of Piranshahr on June 20th.

These heavy weapons are Katyusha rocket launchers and these weapons have been transported to the highlands of Piranshahr.

Also, on Saturday 15th of June, the Revolutionary Guards moved military weapons to the city of Kamyaran.

These military weapons were transferred from Sanandaj to the Revolutionary Guards operational base in Gashki village and Shaho heights.

During the transfer of heavy weapons to Kurdistan, the Revolutionary Guards are using intangible militaries and intelligence forces to protect the military equipments.

The transfer of heavy weapons to the Shah heights has taken place after the visit of Revolutionary Guards commanders.