Bokan; Three protesters died due to the firing of repressive forces

10:52 - 17 November 2022

In the evening of Wednesday 16th of November, three protesters named "Salar Mojawer" 30 years old, "Asad Rahimi" 30 years old and "Mohammed Hassanzadeh" 28 years old died during the Bokan protests due to the firing of repressive forces.

 According to an informed source, the repressive forces targeted the protesters with war bullets.

 Salar Mojawer graduated from the bachelor's degree in architecture.

 Also, on Wednesday, the 16th of November, Mohammad Hassanzadeh wrote in his last Instagram story: "Maybe today will be the last day of my life, for the happiness of the nation..."

 On the evening of Wednesday, the 16th of November, protesters came to the streets in the city of Bokan for the second night in a row and took control of the streets.

 Protesters chanted protest slogans such as "Death to the dictator" and "Woman, life, freedom", which repressed the protesters with direct fire and turned the protests into violence.

 Photo from right to left: Salar Mojawer, Asad Rahimi and Mohammad Hassanzadeh