Bokan; Four protesters were killed by repressive forces

16:38 - 18 November 2022

On the 17th of November 2022, four protestors named "Ghafoor Moloudi", "Hajar Mam Khosravi", "Hiwa Jan Jan" and "Amjad Enayati" from Bokan died due to the direct fire of repressive forces during the protests.

 According to an informed source, the repressive forces fired war bullets at the protesters.

 On Thursday, November 17th, protesters took control of the streets and chanted protest slogans against the Iranian government, and the protest gatherings formed in the streets turned violent with the intervention of repressive forces.

 In the evening of Wednesday, the 25th of November, three more protestors, named "Salar Majowar", 30 years old, "Esad Rahimi", 30 years old, and "Mohammed Hassanzadeh", 28 years old, died during the Bukan protests due to the firing of repressive forces.

 Photo from right to left: Ghafoor Molodi, Hajar Mam Khosravi, Hiva Janjan and Amjad Enayati