Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Dehgolan

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish citizen from Dehgolan was arrested by intelligence forces.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Friday, August 9th, a Kurdish citizen named \"Sirus Abasi\" from Dehgolan was arrested by intelligence forces after criticizing the Iranian government\'s leader and the current state of living.

Sirus Abbasi\'s wife, Farida Weisi, wrote about her husband\'s arrest on her Instagram page: After my husband posted a video of himself on his Instagram page, criticizing the leadership and the current state of life on several occasions, security forces raided our home several times. and, in the worst way that our neighbors can see, they tried to arrest my husband without a judicial order and in a process even outside the laws of the Islamic Republic, but the security forces trying to break into and invading our house, Finally, they were forced to obtain a judicial order from the prosecutor of Dehgolan, and in a decree of judicial was arrested Sirus Abbasi early this morning at 11.