Analytical Report-Statistics of 726 Citizens’ Execution in Iran (2013)

Kurdistan Press Agency: in an analytical report, the statistics of executing citizens in Iran during the year of 2013 is published by Kurdistan Press Agency.

This report has been created depending on Kurdistan Press Agency Report Statistics Center, and it will be displayed in number of tables.

Table 1:
This table will show the number and crimes of the executed people (2013)


According to the information written in their files, referring to the crimes of the executed people has been achieved.

According to Table 1, executing 319 people with the charge of drug transactions has peaked the table, and also the crime of 176 people who have been executed in groups has not been clarified.

According to this statistics, 52 citizens are Kurdish people. Three of them were Political Prisoners whose names ‘’ Habibollah Golpary Poor, Reza Ismaely, and Sherko Maharefi’’ who have been executed in the prisons. Also, 3 other Kurdish Political Prisoners and 11 Kurdish Sunni Religion Prisoners have been sentenced to Execution.

According to the laws of Iranian Islamic Government, those who commit intentional murder, rape, robbery with weapons, drug transactions, and standing against Islam Religion are sentenced to execution.

International Apology Organization (Amnesty International) in its newest report has published that, executing citizens in Iran doesn’t solve the issues related to drugs. We regard this type of confrontation against drugs as a wrong and insulting deed against Human Rights because however the increasing rate of execution hasn’t solved the problems of drugs in the recent past years, rather the crimes related to drugs have reached climax.

Moreover, 5 of the executed citizens were under the age of 18 while committing these crimes, and 2 other citizens have also been sentenced to execution this year.

According to the Article 49 of Islamic Charge Law: ‘’Children (Those who haven’t been mature enough) while getting involved in a crime, will not be sentenced’’. Civil Law in Article 1210 has specified the age of maturity of boys to be 15, and of girls to be 9.

Table (2)
In this table the name of those prisons where the executions have taken place in will be displayed.

Executing citizens fulfilled by Formal Centers of Iranian Islamic Government in front of people’s eyes every year in a systematic way to develop violation in the society.

Table (1)

Hassan Rohani’s Authority did register a huge rate of execution in a short period of ruling. During election advertisement, Hassan Rohani had announced that the situation of Human Rights in Iran steps into a new and better phase, and he had also talked about getting the prisons empty.

Judiciary Court of Iranian Islamic Agency hasn’t explained the political situation of Iran since the selection of Hassan Rohani till now, and the authority has been silent regarding this situation. This is in a situation where the director of Judicial Court ’’Sadiq larijani’’ on December 11, 2013 in an assembly of Governmental Officials had criticized European Countries and had announced that’’ Standing against execution is standing against Islaimc Chrage’’.

Table (3)
Shows the sex and personal situation of the executed people (2013)

According to Table 3, the sex and personal situation of the executed citizens is vague.

The experts of this field believe that execution and the other methods of violation such as torture are not good ways to confront and solve social situations and phenomena; rather they increase the rate of crime. Justice Minister of Rohani’s authority has stated that the rate of crime has stepped into a dangerous stage, and now it is more than the whole population of Iran.