An Oshnavieh\'s tradesman was injured in Kelashin

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish tradesman from the city of Oshnavieh was transferred to medical centers after being wounded due to a direct firing of government troops in kelashin.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday evening, July 27th, a Kurdish tradesman named Naseir Maroofi, 27, from the village of \"Kani Rahash\", Oshnavieh was wounded by direct shootings of government troops in Kelashin heights.

According to an informed source, government troops have targeted this tradesman directly without prior warning.

This informed source added, \"This tradesman was transferred to the hospital in Urmia for medical treatment because he was shot from the neck and back and severely injured.

This tradesman is currently undergoing special medical care and his general condition has been reported inappropriately.