A Saqezi athlete was sentenced to three months imprisonment

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish athlete from the city of Saqez was sentenced to three months in prison for the sake of imprinting the Kurdistan\'s flag on his shirt.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday, June 6th, the Revolutionary Court of Saqez issued a three-month prison term for a Kurd athlete named Milad Fazelpur, son of Mohammad from the village of Malqarani, Saqez.

Kurdpa\'s reporter in Saqez reported: \"This young man was arrested by the intelligence forces in the Nowruz ceremony this year due to imprinted the Kurdistan flag on his shirt and then temporarily released.

An informed source told the Kurdpa\'s reporter that this young man was summoned and interrogated several times after being released temporarily.

This source added, the Revolutionary Court of Saqez has issued the verdict for Milad Fazelpur based on reports of the Ettelaat\'s Bureau.

The Kurdistan flag consists of three primary colors: red, white, green, and a yellow sun, and was first raised on December 26th, 1945 in the city of Mahabad.