A Yarsanism Kurdish civil activist, was arrested in Kermanshah

09:54 - 9 March 2023

On Sunday, March 5th, Kaveh Salimi, a Yarsanism Kurdish civil activist, was arrested by IRGC intelligence forces in Kermanshah and taken to an unknown location.

 IRGC intelligence forces arrested this civil activist in his family home without providing any court order.

 During the arrest of this Yarsanism activist, the security officers, while searching his house, confiscated some of his personal belongings, including his mobile phone, and took them with them.

 Recently, this civil activist was summoned and interrogated through a phone call to the Intelligence Corps.

 Kaveh Salimi is married and has two children.

 As of the moment of publishing this news, there is no information about the reason for the arrest and the charges against this Yarsanism Kurdish civil activist.