Zhina Amini's consciousness level has reached 3

18:09 - 15 September 2022

The level of consciousness of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini has reached 3 after going into a coma as a result of a severe beating by the Irshad patrol forces in Tehran.

 On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Zhina Amini, 22 years old and from Saqez, was confronted by the Irshad patrol forces in one of the parks of Tehran along with her brother "Kiarash (Ashkan)" and after being severely beaten by these forces using a baton.  Zhina was arrested and transferred to "Vezra" Detention Center in Tehran.

 Ms. Amini suffered a brain concussion after a few hours in "Vezra" Detention Center due to the severe beating and severity of the injuries and was transferred to "Kasra" Hospital in Tehran.

 According to an informed source told Kurdpa, till 12 o'clock on Wednesday night, the doctors declared her condition to be very serious and Ms. Amini's level of consciousness was 3, and they also gave up hope of her recovery.

 This informed source pointed out that Zhina's parents are with their child in "Kasra" hospital, and this hospital is strictly under the control of police forces and intelligence officers.  Also, the security agents have threatened this family that they do not have the right to interview with foreign media and otherwise they will face problems.

 This source further added that Kiaresh (Ashkan) Amini, the brother of Ms. Amini, who was severely beaten by the Irshad patrol forces during his sister's arrest, the security forces threatened him to refrain from interviewing the media.

 Zhina Amini is 22 years old and her family lives in Saqez. She and her family had gone to the north for a trip and after returning from there on Wednesday, September 14th, following a trip to Tehran in one of the parks there, he was confronted and arrested by the Irshad patrol forces.