Zahra Mohammadi was sentenced to ten years in prison

 Zahra Mohammadi, a Kurdish language teacher and a member of the Nojin Socio-cultural Association, has been sentenced by the First Branch of the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court to ten years in prison on charges of "forming a group and a population with the intent to disrupt national security."

 The last court hearing of Zahra Mohammadi was held on January 27 2020 in the First Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Sanandah, presided over by Judge Saeedi, and on Tuesday, July 14, ten years prison was announced to her lawyer.

 on Monday, December 2, 2019 zahra Mohammadi was released temporarily on bail of 700 million Tomans. 

 Zahra Mohammadi was detained by the Ministry of Intelligence agents at her home on May 23, 2019. She was held in solitary confinement until May 31st, after which she was transferred to Sanandaj Prison and her whereabouts was reported to her family. Zahra Mohammadi subsequently, during a meeting with her family members, said that she had been under pressure during her eight days in solitary confinement to be forced to make "confessions".

 On Wednesday, September 18th, this Kurdish activist was transferred to the first branch of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj for trail without further notice to his lawyers and his family, which was subsequently postponed. 

In response to allegations made against Zahra Mohammadi, the Nojin Socio-cultural Association stated: "Zahra Mohammadi is under duress for forced confessions while she has no affiliation with the party or political currents and her only crime is teaching Kurdish language to children.