Urmia/ Life of Kurdish Political Prisoner is in Danger

Kurdpa agency: A Kurdish political prisoner is under severe physical condition. This is because of lacking a sufficient medical service in Urmia prison.

According to Kurdpa News Agency ,security office in Darya prison in Urmia has been denying Kaiwan Dawoodi from receiving medical treatment by not giving him a temporally leave and not transferring him to a medical centre. For these reasons are given, therefore Kaiwan’s life is jeopardised.

According to Kurdpa: A medical team in Urmia prison has recommended that Kaiwan needs an immediate medical surgery and physiotherapy service.

Kaiwan Dawoodi
In a telephone conversation, an associate told Kurdpa that a Metal Plate (platinum) which had previously been placed inside his right leg, has now deviated (moved). This has caused a severe infection in his right leg. He must be allowed an emergency leave.

The same associate said that the security force in the prison have refused to give this 26 years prisoner a temporarily leave and transferring him to a medical facility.

Refusing to provide a medical treatment for this prisoner is a violation of international civil and political right treaty in which, Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the signatory of this treaty.

Depriving a prisoner from receiving a medical attention is an equivalent to violation of not torturing and ill-treating prisoner’s conventions.

Kaiwan Dwoodi at the age of 19 and in the crossroad between Mahabad and Dara-lak village was arrested by intelligent service and was than sentenced to 10 years incarceration by Revolutionary Court. He was guilty of being affiliated with a Kurdish opposition party in Iran. He has now spent 7 out of 10 years of his sentence.