Urmia Prison; Firouz Musalou was sentenced to death

10:20 - 21 March 2022

 A Kurdish political prisoner named "Firouz Musalou" from the Qotur district of Khoy  was sentenced to death by the Second Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia.

 According to an informed source, the last hearing on the charges against this political prisoner was held in March of this year in the Second Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia, and the court sentenced him to death on charges of "moharebeh" through membership in a Kurdish party.

 The informed source stated: This sentence was officially notified to this political prisoner in Urmia prison on Monday, March 7th.

 On Wednesday, January 1, 2020, the Kurdish prisoner was transferred from the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Detention Center in Urmia to the city's central prison after five months of interrogation.

 This Kurdish citizen was a member of a Kurdish party for several years and after his return to Iran, he was arrested with an IRGC warrant.

 This citizen was arrested on July 11, 2019, after being introduced to the IRGC in Sardasht, and then transferred to the IRGC intelligence detention center in Urmia.

 Firouz Musalou was detained by security forces after Revolutionary Guards officials told his family that their son would be released after a few days of interrogation.