Two women prisoners were executed in Urmia Prison

Kurdpa Agency: Two women prisoners were executed by the authorities of the central prison of Urmia.

On the morning of Tuesday, July 23rd, two women prisoners, Nazdar Vatankhah and Arasteh Ranjbar, were executed on charges of \"murder\" at the Urmia Central Prison.

Yesterday, these two detainees were transferred to solitary confinement cells to execute the death sentence.

\"The executions of these two prisoners have been delayed for one month, and they have been given time to try to satisfy the avengers of blood,\" Hrana said, quoting a source. Unfortunately, these two prisoners failed to obtain consent from the avengers of blood at the appointed time, and they were executed this morning. \"

Arasteh Ranjbar was sentenced to death by the judiciary for 15 years in prison on charges of \"killing\" her husband and \"Nazdar Vatankhah\" for the charge of \"participating in the murder\" and during these 15 years they were keept in the women\'s prison of Urmia.

So far, the news of the executions of these two women prisoners has not been announced by the official media of the Iranian government.