Two Victims of Lifted Mines Became Impairment

Kurdpa Press Agency: Two Kurdish citizens in Paveh city, who were wounded after mines explosions have lost parts of their bodies which has resulted in becoming disable.

According to reports received by the Kurdpa Press Agency, Kamyar Abdullahi and Safar Rahmani who are 30 and 35 years old have become disabled after mines explosions in Hanga Jala district.

According to a well informed source, Safar Rahmani has lost his left foot and Kamyar Abdullahi has also lost his right foot in result of mines explosion in residential area.

The informed sources added that the mines were anti-personal explosive mines which were situated between the gaps on the ground. This type of mine is called number four mines.

An exert told Kurdpa that “these mines typically are cubed formed mines, olive green coloured and the cube is plastic. The weight of this number four mine is 350 grams which includes 200 grams of explosion. The fuse only needs 6 to 8 kilograms of pressure to react.”

The expert who did not want to be known added: “These number four mines are Iran and Israel made mines. As soon as you pressure the green cube, the mine explodes. The amount of explosive is enough to dismember your foot instantly.”

According to this expert, “this mine is also known as number four Israeli pedal.”

On Sunday the 2nd of Decembr, Kamyar Abdullahi and Safar Rahmani were injured because of mine explosion in Hanga Jala district.

These two Kurdish citizens are from Abbas Abad and Khori Abad villages which are part of Nenor. They are currently under medical treatment at Salahaddin Ayoubi hospital in Baneh.