Two Sardashti Kolbars were wounded in government troops' fires

12:14 - 10 November 2019

Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish Kolbars from Sardasht were severely wounded as a result of direct firing by government troops and transferred to the Kurdistan Regional Medical Center.

 On Saturday, November 9th, Iranian government forces targeted a group of Kurdish Kolbars at the Peshdar border and wounded two Kurdish Kolbars from Sardasht.

 These two men were transferred to Kurdistan's 'Shahidan" Training and Treatment Center in Kurdistan for medical treatment.

 Osman Ahmed, executive director of the Shahidan Training and Treatment Center in the city of Qaladzeh, told the Kurdish media that the two were identified as "Siamand Mohammad Abdullah", 19, and "Sirwan Hussein Abdullah", 25.

 These two wounded Kolbars, from Savan village, Sardasht and were shot by government militants in the leg and abdomen.

 These two Kurdish Kolbars are currently undergoing surgery at the "Shahidan" Training Center in Qaladzeh.