Two Piranshahr citizens arrested by IRGC intelligence forces

Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish citizens from the city of Piranshahr were arrested by the IRGC.

according to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, two Kurdish citizens named Qader Mohammadpouri, 28, and \"Ezat Mahmoudi\", 39, who were from the city of Piranshahr, were arrested by IRGC intelligence forces.

According to an informed source, Qadar Mohammadpouri was arrested at his private house on Friday, March 8th, and Ezat Mahmoudi was arrested on Sunday, March 10th.

The source added that Qader Muhammadpouri was transferred to the Urmia Prison after interrogation.

The informed source said that no information is available on the location and the fate of Ezat Mahmudi.

Until the moment of setting this news, there is no information available on the reasons for the arrest of these two Kurdish citizens.

Photo: Qader Mohammadpouri and Ezat Mahmoudi