Two Kurdish youths were arrested by intelligence forces in Urmia and Piranshahr

 On Monday, February 24th, a Kurdish youth named "Rezgar Amini" from Urmia was arrested by intelligence forces.

 The detainee was taken without legal authorization and transferred to the Urmia Intelligence Bureau for questioning.

 Rezgar Amini was also detained in 2017 and he was temporarily released after interrogations.

 Also on the same day, a Kurdish young man named Mohammad Faghizadeh from Piranshahr, was arrested by intelligence forces and his exact fate is unknown.

 So far, the follow-up to the family of this citizen to find out about his fate has not yielded any results.

 These two Kurdish youths have been arrested by intelligence forces on charges of "collaborating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government".

 Photo: Rezgar Amini and Mohammad Faghizadeh