Two Kurdish Kolbars were injured at the border of Nowsud

16:02 - 12 November 2020

 On the evening of Saturday, November 7th, two Kurdish Kolbars named "Rezgar Hosseini" from the village of "Balabazan" in the Paveh district and "Yousef Rezgar" from the village of "Mirabad" in the Salas-Babajani district were wounded by government troops at the border of Nowsud. 

 According to an informed source, these two Kurdish Kolbars were ambushed and shot by the Iranian government forces.

 The informed source added: Rozgar Hosseini was severely injured in his leg in this incident.

 The informed source stated: These two Kurdish Kolbars were transferred to Taleghani Hospital in Kermanshah for medical treatment.

 Rozgar Hosseini, 37, the son of Allah Karam, married and has two children.