two Kurdish citizens were summoned to Sanandaj\'s Ettelaat

Kurdpa Agency: The Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau headquarters summoned two Kurdish citizens from one of the villages of the city\'s subsidiary.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, April 10th, two Kurdish citizens named Morteza Nouri, 27, son of Mohammad Taher and Mohammad Sharifi, 43, son of Mohammad Amin, from the village of Salian, Kalatrazan District, Sanandaj County, were summoned to Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau headquarter.

According to an informed source, the reason for summoning these two Kurdish citizens was the active participation in the celebration of the Salian\'s Nowruz.

The source added that these two Kurdish citizens were released after four hours of interrogation.

In this regard, on Saturday, April 6th, two Kurdish citizens, Mohammad Eliassi and Hiva Ghorbani Aghdam, from the village of Ghargol, Bukan were summoned to the \"Qara Mousali\" checkpoint and then arrested.

These two Kurdish citizens were arrested on charges of cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government.