Two Kurdish citizens of Yarsanis killed and wounded by police's fire in Kermanshah

 On the evening of Thursday, the 15th of October, police officers opened fire on a Peugeot car in the Dolatabad neighborhood of Kermanshah, killing a Yarsanis citizen named Ashkan Azizi and injuring another citizen, Borhan Azizi.

 A source familiar with how the incident happened told Kurdpa: "Police officers chased the Peugeot car of the two citizens who were performing showing-off driving and they targeted these two citizens of Yarsani without warning and observing the shooting rules." 

 This informed source added: Borhan Azizi, who was injured in this incident, has been transferred to a hospital in Kermanshah for medical treatment.

 These two citizens live in the "Dareh Draz" town of Kermanshah and the residents of this town follow the Yarsan religion.

 Photo: Ashkan Azizi