Two Kolbars were killed and wounded due to Turkish troops opened fire on the Urmia border

On Saturday, October 31st, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Mohsen (Moslem) Ghasemi", 24 years old, was killed by Turkish forces on the border with Urmia, and another Kolbar named "Mosleh Ghasemi", 21 years old, was seriously injured.

 Turkish troops have targeted these two Kolbars without observing the rules of firing, and Mosleh Ghasemi, who was injured in the incident, is currently receiving intensive medical care at Julemerg Hospital in Hakkari Province in Kurdistan of Turkey 

 These two Kolbars , who are brothers, were shot by Turkish troops after returning to Iran from Turkey.

 These two Kolbars are the sons of Abdullah and they are from the village of "Koran" in the Sumay-ye Beradust District of Urmia.

 Photo: Mohsen and Mosleh Ghasemi