Two Kolbars were killed and wounded at the Baneh's border

 On Friday, January 14th, a Kolbar named "Mehran Rahmani", 23, son of Ghafour from the village of "Manijlan", was killed by government soldiers at the border of "Kileh" in Baneh, and another Kolbar named "Ebrahim Rahmani" was injured.

 According to an informed source, the government troops fired directly at these two Kolbars along with a group of Kolbars without any prior notice.

 The informed source stated: the government soldiers shot these two Kolbars while returning from the kolbari without carrying any loads

 The informed source said: Ebrahim Rahmani is Mehran Rahmani's uncle and both of them are married and Mehran has recently started his new marriage.

 The informed source stated at the end: Ebrahim Rahmani, who was seriously injured in the incident, was taken to medical centers for medical treatment.

 Photo: Mehran Rahmani