Two Kolbars were killed and injured due to the firing of government soldiers at the border of Nowsud

16:40 - 26 September 2022

In the morning of this Sunday, September 25th, two Kolbars named "Ahmad Yousefi" and "Moukhtar Mirweisi" from Salas-e- Babajani  were injured by government soldiers' firing at the Nowsud border, and a few hours ago Moukhtar Mirweisi died due to the severity of his injuries.

 The government soldiers fired directly at these two Kolbars without any prior warning. Moukhtar Mirweisi is married and has two children.

 In this regard, on Wednesday, September 21st,  a 47-year-old boy named "Karim Asemani", the son of Sharif, from the village of "Najneh-ye Olya" in Baneh, died due to direct fire by government soldiers at the border of "Hengehjal" in Baneh.

 Also, on Tuesday, September 20th, a 33-year-old boy named "Bahaaldin Ahmedpour" from the village of "Haj Abdul" in Saqqez, was killed by government soldiers at the border of Baneh.

 Photo: Moukhtar Mirweisi