Two Kolbars were injured due to the firing of government soldiers on the border of Baneh

17:51 - 15 September 2022

On Monday, September 12th, two kolbars named "Khaliq Hamzapour" son of Aziz from Manijlan village and "Taleb Ghafari" son of Abu Bakr from Najneh village of Baneh district were injured after government soldiers fired at the border of "Hengejal" in this city.  

 An informed source told Kurdpa: These two Kolbars were injured in the leg area and were transferred to Salahuddin Ayubi Baneh Hospital for medical treatment.

 This informed source added: Government soldiers shot at these two Kolbars with AK47 weapons without any prior warning.

 According to this informed source, Khaliq Hamzepour is married and has one child and Taleb Ghaffari is married and has two children.

 On Sunday, September 12th, a 40-year-old Kurdish kolbar named "Rozgar Mohammadzadeh" died due to the shooting of government soldiers at the "Hengehjal" border of Baneh.