Two Kolbars were injured at the Oshnavieh borders heights

Kurdpa Agency: Government troops shot a group of Kurdish Kolbars at Oshnovieh borders heights and resulting in two seriously injured Kurdish Kolbars.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday, May 23rd, two Oshnaviehian Kolbars named \"Mala Najmadin\" from the village of Sufian and \"Abdul Qadir Jasouri\" from the village of Nalous were wounded by direct shootings of government troops.

According to an informed source, in this incident, several horses were perished by direct government troops firing.

This source added that government officials have also seized the Kolbars\' goods.

The injured Kolbars in this incident were transferred to medical centers for medical treatment.

In this regard, on Sunday, May 19th, two Kurdish Kolbars named Naser (Jahanbakhsh) Hosseinipour and Mohsen Hosseinipour from the city of Piranshahr were wounded in direct shootings by government troops.