Two citizens from Piranshahr were sentenced to 14 years in prison

 On Tuesday, August 4, two Kurdish citizens, Navid Mohammadi and Khaled Mohammadi, from Piranshahr, were sentenced by Branch 102 of the Criminal Court 2 to a total of 14 years in prison.

 Piranshahr Branch 102 Criminal Court 2 charged these two citizens with "espionage for hostile states" and sentenced each to seven years in prison.

 These two citizens from Piranshahr were arrested by security forces in mid-May this year and transferred to a security detention center in Urmia for interrogation.

 These two citizens were transferred to Naqadeh Prison in early July after being interrogated and are currently being held there.

 Navid Mohammadi is a radio and television correspondent for the Iranian government, and Khalid Mohammadi is a relative of Navid Mohammadi.

 Photo: Khalid and Navid Mohammadi