Two brothers were arrested in Naqadeh

 On Tuesday, January 19th, two Kurdish citizens, Talib and Rashid Rayhani, the son of Khezr from the village of Shawleh in the city of Naqadeh, were arrested by security forces.

 Security forces arrested these two brothers without issuing any court order and transferred them to an unknown location.

 So far, the Reyhani family's efforts to find out about the fate of their children has been fruitless.

 These two brothers are married and Rashid have three children.

 No information is available on the reason for the arrests and the charges against the two brothers.

 In this regard, on Tuesday, January 19th, a Kurdish citizen named "Rahman Ebrahimi", the son of Ali from the village of "Shauleh" in Naqdeh district, was arrested by the security forces in the foothills of Piranshahr.

 Security forces severely beat the citizen during his detention.

 Photo: Talib and Rashid Rayhani