Transfer of weapons from Naqadeh to Oshnavieh

Kurdpa Agency: The Revolutionary Guard moved heavy weapons from the city of Naqadeh to Oshnavieh.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Monday, June 25th, heavy weapons were transferred by the Revolutionary Guards from Naqadeh to Oshnavieh.

According to an informed source, during the transfer of heavy weapons to the Oshnavieh, the IRGC\'s drones were patrolling over Oshnavieh and its border areas.

Also, Ismail Khalilzadeh, deputy commander for Hamza Base in a conversation with the IRGC\'s media threats of the Kurdish parties and he said: \"If the counterrevolutionary forces crossed our borders which are our red lines in order to create insecurity, they will be faced with the reaction of the forces of Hamza Base\".

In this regard, on Thursday, June 20th, the Guard Corps deployed heavy weapons like Katyusha at the border of Piranshahr.