Transfer of five Kurdish citizens to Sepah Detention center in Urmia

 Five Kurdish citizens named as "Sayed Ahmad Sabri", from Pasveh," Abdullah Hasanzadeh" from Pasveh, "Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh", from the Village of Khoranj, "Mohammad Eliasi" son of Mohammad Tahir, from Naqadeh, "Salam Bazargani", from Pasveh, have been transferred to the Urmia Sepah Detention center after being arrested. 

 These five Kurdish citizens were detained on Sunday, March 1st, by the intelligence agents without any legal permission.

 Also, a Kurdish citizen named "Sayed Mustafa Sabri", a 70-year-old from Pasveh, was released after few hours of detention by the intelligence agents, and Abdullah Hassanzadeh was re-arrested by the intelligence forces after two days of detention and taken to the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence detention center and he has been relocated to Urmia Ettelaat Bureau. 

 Intelligence forces confiscated some of their personal belongings while detaining them.

 No exact information is available on the charges against these five Kurdish citizens. 

 Photo: Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh, Sayed Ahmad Sabri, Salam Bazargani, Abdullah Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Eliasi