Toheed Darvish, accused of "enmity against God" in Tabriz prison, is denied access to a lawyer and visits to his family

16:17 - 24 December 2022

 Toheed (Loghman) Darvish, a Kurdish citizen from the village of "Garnavik" in the functions of Qatur rural district of Khoi city, was arrested in Tabriz on September 29th and has been accused of "enmity against God" by the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office of this city.

 This citizen has been denied access to a lawyer and visit with his family during his detention.

 According to an informed source, the security forces arrested this citizen for participating in the burning of a bank in Tabriz and severely tortured him to obtain a forced confession.

 This informed source added: Despite the continuous follow-up of this citizen's family, the security and judicial institutions refused to provide a clear answer about the status of his case and only announced that the accusation of Toheed is "enmity against God".

 This informed source said: The court opposes accepting a lawyer for his case for security reasons.

 This informed source stated: Toheed Darvish made several phone calls to his family during his detention and every time he spoke forcefully in Farsi.

 This informed source announced: The hearing of Mr. Darvish's accusations will be held on December 24th with the presence of designated lawyer by the Revolutionary Court of Tabriz.

 Toheed Darvish, 27 years old, father of two children, was a Snap driver.  After the March 2020 earthquake and the loss of his home, Darvish's family had to leave their village and stay in Khoi city.