Three Marivan's citizens were taken to an unknown location after their arrest

 In recent days, three Kurdish citizens, Hamed Dadstan, 50, Soran Dadstan, 22, and Hamdi Dabestani, 40, from the village of Dargah Sheikhan in Marivan, were detained by intelligence forces and taken to an unknown location.

 According to an informed source, intelligence forces raided the homes of these three citizens and arrested them without issuing a court order.

 The informed source added: "So far, the follow-ups of the families of these three citizens to find out about their fate have not yielded any results."

 Hamed Dadsran and Soran Dadtan are father and son.

 As of this writing, no information is available on the reason for the arrests and the charges against the three Kurdish citizens.

 Photo: Hamdi Dabestani and Soran Dadstan